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I'm ready to live more authentically
Reduce overwhelm while prioritizing your values & goals to live more intentionally in 2023 

Enjoy this simple yet powerful guide to help you get clarity for what matters to you most and a strategy to take action on it, so you can ignite your vision with clarity, confidence and focus in 2023!

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You desire to live more intentionally, in alignment with what matters to you
You know that more is possible for you and you'd like support uncovering what that is
You're ready to head into 2023 feeling aligned, empowered and ready to Unleash all that you desire to be!
There's nothing cookie cutter about you - so a regular one-size-fits-all approach to life and biz strategy just won't do.

Here's what we've got for fabulous you:  

We'll send you our guide for Living Unleashed with everything you need to start getting that vision out of your brain and onto paper!

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And here's what else is in store when you claim your workbook:

Build a crystal clear rock-superstar vision (and know what steps to take first when you take the stage).


Align with your deeper self and from that place you'll walk in confidence as you live and lead in deeper alignment in 2023


Get ready to walk the runway with everything you need to make 2023 an even more aligned and authentically freeing year!

Get your free Living Unleashed workbook if...

You know there's so much more for you out there... but you're stuck where you are and just need a teensy little nudge to get to the next level.

You're tired of grinding in your day job and side hustling at night - and you're ready to take your big passion all the way to the top to make some real impact.

You're sick of riding the revenue rollercoaster and want to know what levers to pull to attract and land consistent clients each and every month.

Hello! My name is Amber Swenor, a soulful strategist for heart-centered visionaries, conscious leaders and those desiring greater alignment and authenticity in their lives.

Amber Swenor is a transformation coach and business strategist who helps people to identify and transform the hidden commitments, stories, and limitations that keep you from living your most Unleashed life. She also works with leaders and companies in their brand growth journey through leadership coaching and business strategy consultation and co-working. She's the founder of Soul Seed Strategy, a brand strategy, coaching and marketing firm, and the founder of Soul Seed CBD. She's an international speaker helping audiences and companies worldwide to unlock their deeper potential through authenticity. Her book "Unleashed" is a Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-seller.
When she's not guiding others to unleash their rockstar within, you'll find her rocking on stage with her metal band, Morningstar.

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Grab the guide to live Unleashed in 2023!